XKR Front Suspension Failure

Working the XKR today, I was having trouble setting up the rubber blocks on the lift so I could swap out the rear damper bushes. I then noticed the drivers side front wheel was way, way up in the wheel arch touching the inner wheel panel. My immediate thought, oh no not another broken spring! Over the last few years I have changed out broken suspension springs on the following family cars:

1994 XJS
2006 X type estate – 3 times!
2011 Peugeot 207

Now its the turn of the XKR!

Front Broken Spring
Front Broken Spring

At the same time the Spring pan has rusted through and also the Damper looks a rusty mess too. I checked the other side and it is all much cleaner and less rusty so I think that side must have been changed already.

Rusty bits
Spring Pan

On removal of the offending parts, I also noticed the top Shock Absorber Mount also does not look too good.

Faulty top mount
Faulty top mount

So quite a shopping list. As it is an XKR, a convertible and has the CATS suspension, it takes a little while to dig out the correct part codes needed. Not many shops answering their phones today 29/12/2021 so will try again tomorrow.

Top downwards:

Top suspension mounting MJA2166BC
Shocks MXD2140AB
Spring set JLM20706
Spring Pan MJA2166BC
The gaiter and the Spring assister look fine so I will reuse those.

More details when I have the parts and install them

Happy new year to all and I hope 2022 is good for you all 🙂