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If you have read the “About Jagzntech” page then you will know I have had a career initially based around hardware electronics engineering.  Since around 2000, I have been involved primarily in SAN and NAS solution design and implementation. For the last 10 years that has been in a technical pre-sales role. Most of this time has been based on EMC solutions such as Clariion, Celerra, and VNX but some other vendors were involved too, Pillar for example. Since joining EMC just over two years ago, the majority of the time I have been working in the Isilon division.


Isilon is a Scale out clustered NAS platform. Built up of individual nodes of varying configurations from small high IOP targeted S Series nodes to high density, high capacity HD nodes used for archiving workloads. It has a one unique feature that brings me into the big data arena.  That is, one of the multiple protocols that Isilon supports is Native HDFS. No plugin or add on interface is required, just the enabling of the HDFS license and the license is free by the way!

With that in mind, although I am a Specialist Isilon Systems Engineer, I also have a speciality in Hadoop. As such I have attended a number of seminars, presentations with HortonWorks, Cloudera and of course working for EMC, from Pivotal. I have also attended training courses like the Cloudera and HortonWorks Administration paths. I recently passed the HortonWorks Admin exam and if you have had a reasonable amount of hands-on Ambari usage, I recommend you try the exam. The way the job market is today for Hadoop skilled people it can only be a good thing to have on your CV.

I therefore aim to post articles that interest me in the area of Big Data and Hadoop with the hope that they might interest some of my readers too.

If you have been using Ambari for a while then take the Exam!

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