XJS Story

My 1995 4L Facelift model XJS

The photos below depict the car at the beginning of my ownership and then final sad sale in 2013/14 (long story, it sat in my garage for over a year waiting for collection)

There is a site containing some of the issues and solutions I had with the car over the years. I will move it to this site shortly but for now it can be accessed here XJS old site. Ahhhh… Virgin Media have discontinued their homepage service so I will have to migrate it over to here. I’ll get to it soon!

I owned this XJS for just under 10 years as my daily driver and did over 90,000 miles in her. Unfortunately I set light to the interior by mistake whilst welding a small panel into the floor.
Last Farewell as XJS makes its way to France
Last Farewell as XJS makes its way to France

Next up – 2016