XJ6R – 2016 here we come :-)

2016 New Year by christmasstockimages.com

Welcome to 2016, hope it treats you well and you keep healthy 🙂

I did spend a little time in the garage on New Years Day and did some work on the XJ6.

  • Cleaned up and sprayed a bit of clear lacquer onto the two washers and large nut heads that are used to hold on the bulkhead heat insulation panel. See the before and after pictures below
    • I also tidied up the wiring a little
  • Made up a gasket, found some suitable bolts and installed the brake pedal assembly and servo unit.
Washer "Before" image
Washer “Before” image
Right hand "shiney" Nut & Washer
Right hand “shiney” Nut & Washer











Next up – XKR

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