BD-Hadoop Summit Dublin

Hadoop Summit Dublin

I am looking forward to attending the Hadoop Summit in Dublin on the 12th to 14th April. I attended the Summit in Brussels last year and really enjoyed the event. The evening visit to the auto museum matched my Jaguar and Big Data interests perfectly!

I will be there with a few of my fellow colleagues also focused on Big Data.

See you there!

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  1. I enjoyed the event. I attended a few sessions where a number of vendors all discussed different methods of separating the Hadoop compute from storage which is what I have been promoting with Isilon for ages so that’s good. I also attended a crash course on Spark using Zeppelin which is a great tool for demos. I will definitely be working with that in the near future.

    There did not seem to be any big bang type announcements, mostly gradual improvements into the ecosystem. Anyway, I hope any of you that attended got some value out of the event. There was one session by David McCandless where he showed some data virtualisation which were really interesting and impactful. Take a look at



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