Le Mans Classic 2016

Le Mans Classic 2016

I spent the last few days at the Le Mans Classic event. It is a great event and I actually prefer it over the real 24h race.

The journey really starts to get interesting as soon as you get near a ferry port or the channel tunnel. All sorts of classic cars on the roads eventually arriving and producing great views at the waiting areas to board.

IMG_2705 IMG_2704 IMG_2703

Then there is a quick look around on the ferry followed by the tedious crossing.

Stops for Fuel and the obligatory nature breaks on the way

IMG_2709 IMG_2708 IMG_2707

But once you are there things really get good!

Loved this Buick and Caravan
Loved this Buick and Caravan

Then just a mixture of pictures and short videos for your enjoyment

IMG_2731 IMG_2732

There was a brief flyby by a vintage fighter or two. This I think was a spitfire. The smoke traces it left behind had a life of their own!




IMG_2773 IMG_2777 IMG_2776 IMG_2775 IMG_2780 IMG_2779 IMG_2785 IMG_2784 IMG_2782 IMG_2791 IMG_2790 IMG_2788 IMG_2786

Loved these transporters all in fantastic condition

IMG_2796 IMG_2795 IMG_2794 IMG_2793 IMG_2792

Group C’s kept on their own – don’t know what happened to the Jaguar though 🙁

IMG_2801 IMG_2800 IMG_2799 IMG_2798 IMG_2797 IMG_2806 IMG_2805 IMG_2804 IMG_2803 IMG_2802 IMG_2807

Return Ferry car park

IMG_2828 IMG_2827

Amazing church in Dieppe. Went and had a quick look around it and one of the Volunteers was really knowledgeable. Kept us talking so much we were almost last to check in!

Amazing church


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